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Wertvolle porcelain Co. Was founded in 2005 , it manufactures various types of ceramic goods. While maintaining the quality of its chinaware, the company has managed to enhance the variety of its products in short time period through hiring leading experts and managers as well as making proper and professional use of modern technology and fast-baking technique.

Our Vision

Wertvolle manufacturing company has a commitment to quality and customer service and spares no effort in order to cater the requirements and expectations of its clients taking into account legal requirements, applicable and effective methods related to energy consumption and returns, environmental concerns, and intolerable risks.

History of Beginning

This company has implemented the Unified Management System [IMS] based on the above-mentioned principles and the following standards:
ISO 50001:2011& ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 & 18001:2007
Taghdis Porcelain Company has adopted the following rules as its main policy:
• Promotion of satisfaction amongst its customers and staff
• Qualitative and quantitative promotion of its products and services